Your Wealth, Well Managed®

Why Us

  • Professional approach – We are a small group of focused and dedicated professionals who have obtained or are in pursuit of the highest standards of Financial Planning in Canada.
  • Independent and objective – Our objectivity and independence to make recommendations without being swayed by commissions are deep-seated values at Algar Virtue. We charge only on a fee-for-service basis.
  • True Wealth Managers – wealth management is an often used term but often means nothing more than investment management. We are dedicated to managing your wealth for as long as you want it to continue: retirement, estate planning, or legacy planning. We don’t just make a financial plan and file it away. It is a living, breathing document, and is updated as necessary (significant life events, changes in business and family structure).
  • Focused – We serve a small group of successful families, which allows us to spend the time required to understand each family’s unique needs.
  • Planning Based and Analytical
  • Comprehensive – Depth and breadth of personal financial experience and expertise.
  • Unique Processes – We are experts in managing the assets of wealthy families. We have a complete understanding of the different business and family structures that can be utilized to maximize your probability of reaching your financial goals.