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Kathryn Waslen

Kathryn was born and raised in Calgary. She attended West Island College for Junior High and High School followed by pursuing a full tennis scholarship to University of Texas - Pan American where she competed in both tennis and track and field at a NCAA Division 1 school. Upon completion of a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Kinesiology in Texas, Kathryn continued her studies at McGill University and attained a Graduate Diploma in Management with a concentration in Leadership Studies.

Kathryn's first job out of university was working for a small investment counseling firm in Montreal where she developed unique insight into the world of institutional money management. When Kathryn returned to Calgary in 2006, after completing a Certificate in Nonprofit Management at Mount Royal University, she spent a couple of years working at one of Canada's leading community foundations. Her role at the foundation was to assist individuals and families with their philanthropy through their Donor Advised Funds.

Kathryn returned to financial services in 2008 working at a national retail advisory firm. Although Kathryn was successful in the retail market, she felt her ultimate aim of engaging in meaningful dialogue with successful families would be best achieved working in a boutique style, holistic wealth management company. Kathryn joined Algar Virtue in 2011 specifically for their expertise in delivering and implementing comprehensive, integrated and process-driven financial planning.