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Ada Gaudette

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Ada Gaudette

With a business degree in her back pocket and a strong work ethic in her genes, Ada moved to Calgary from Prince Edward Island several years ago to pursue a life in the business world. Until 2013 she worked primarily in the Advertising, Marketing and Television communities in Calgary and Vancouver.

With a knack for numbers and balancing spreadsheets and a keen interest to learn more Ada set out on a new path that landed her many temporary roles with financial firms until she landed at Algar, Virtue & Associates and now this place is her home away from home.

Ada is a gregarious, adventurous soul who's love for sports can take over her time away from the office. Whether it's in line skating from Edworthy to Eau Claire, slo-pitch on Sundays or getting in a round of golf from time to time, she enjoys a healthy work/life balance.

Animals are a huge passion of Ada's, especially a couple of bulldogs, Mak and Storm. When you are in the office ask to see pictures, she will happily show you any one of 200 she has readily available.