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In The Community

July 3, 2017 6:00 am

Angela is a member of CHAS Next, an ad hoc committee of CHAS (Children’s Hospital Aid Society) which raises funds for children’s charities in Calgary. In an effort to raise both funds and awareness of local Calgary businesses, CHAS Next is currently running a series of fitness classes throughout Calgary.

To learn more about CHAS and CHAS Next, click here.



Kathryn participated in the Branch Out Neurological Foundation’s Bike Tour in Panorama on June 17th, riding 100 km with more than 250 riders and raising over $250,000. Kathryn was thrilled to be able to participate and support Crystal Phillips as one of Canada’s Top Change Makers for the next 150 years.

Check out Crystal’s story: http://www.branchoutfoundation.com/

To learn more about Branch Out Neurological Foundation, click here.